Recent research has substantially advanced our understanding of electoral violence. Yet much work remains to reliably assess its causes and consequences. This conference aims to address several outstanding questions and, especially, to bring together scholars working on both the international and domestic aspects of electoral violence, as well as researchers studying electoral violence in different world regions.

Research presented at the conference will consider the following themes:

  • The international dimensions of electoral violence
  • The relationship of armed groups to political parties and candidates
  • Electoral violence in post-conflict elections
  • Violence and voting: How and why does violence affect political behavior?
  • Violence in equilibrium: when is violence a complement and when a substitute for other electoral tactics?
  • The long run: electoral violence in historical perspective
  • What interventions can reduce violence?


The format will include two different types of presentations:

  1. Results from completed research/working papers;
  2. Prospective research designs or pre-analysis plans.

Session chairs and formal discussants will kick off each panel, consisting of thematically related papers.