CP Colloquium – Fall 2015

Fall 2015 Schedule

Location: All sessions will meet in the Institute of International Studies, Moses Hall 223 (lunch is provided on a first-come, first-served basis).

Time: Thursdays, 12:30PM – 2:00PM

Faculty Convener: Leonardo Arriola

September 24

David Laitin, Stanford University

Language Policy and Human Development
Online Appendix

Faculty Chair: Leonardo Arriola
Student Discussant: Paul Thissen

October 1
Chris Blattman, Columbia University

Reducing Crime and Violence: Experimental Evidence on Adult Noncognitive Investments in Liberia

Faculty Chair: Jennifer Bussell
Student Discussant: Rachel Strohm

October 8
Regina Bateson, MIT

How Local Institutions Emerge from Civil War

Faculty Chair: Michaela Mattes
Student Discussant: Natalia Garbiras Díaz

October 15
Robert Blair, Brown University

In-Group Policing (Literally): Lab-in-the-field Evidence on Discrimination, Cooperation and Ethnic Balancing in the Liberian National Police

Faculty Chair: Jason Wittenberg
Student Discussant: Fiona Feiang Shen-Bayh

October 22
Miriam Golden, UCLA

Biometric Identification Machine Failure and Electoral Fraud in a Competitive Democracy

Faculty Chair: Leonardo Arriola
Student Discussant: Anne Meng

October 29
Ethan Scheiner, UC Davis

Social Diversity Affects the Number of Parties Even Under First-Past-the-Post Rules

Faculty Chair: Peter Lorentzen
Student Discussant: Shinhye Choi

November 5
Cecilia Mo, Vanderbilt University

Aspirations and the Role of Social Protection: Evidence from a Natural Disaster in Rural Pakistan 

Faculty Chair: Steve Fish
Student Discussant: Tanu Kumar

November 12
Matthew Amengual, MIT

The Local Politics of Mining in Bolivia: The Distributive Outcomes of Firm Responses to Risk

Faculty Chair: Alison Post
Student Discussant: Chris Carter

November 19
Steve Vogel, UC Berkeley

Marketcraft: How Governments Make Markets Work (Or Not)

Faculty Chair: Thad Dunning
Student Discussant: Nathan Pippenger

November 26

December 3
James Robinson, University of Chicago

The Evolution of Culture and Institutions: Evidence from the Kuba Kingdom

Faculty Chair: Leonardo Arriola
Student Discussant: Justine Davis

The colloquium is co-sponsored by UC Berkeley’s Department of Political
Science, the Institute of International Studies, and the Center on the Politics of Development.