Friday, December 21 — Ashoka University

8:30 AM: Breakfast

9:00 AM: Welcome and Introductions

9:15 AM: Panel 1 – Political Representation

11:15 AM: Coffee/tea break

11:30 AM: Panel 2 – Political Economy

1:15 PM: Lunch and discussion on fieldwork in India

3:00 PM: Panel 3 – Clientelism and Intermediation

6:45 PM: Departure for dinner at Haveli, Murthal (8km away from campus)

Panel 1: Political Representation

Discussant: Anustubh Agnihotri (University of California, Berkeley)

– Jusmeet Singh Sihra (Sciences Po and Hebrew University, Jerusalem):
Who Represents the Scheduled Castes in Assemblies? The Paradox of Reservations and Castes in Rajasthan

– Nissim Mannathukkaren (Dalhousie University) 
Ezhava Representation in Kerala: Questions and Conundrums

– Saloni Bhogale (Ashoka University)
Querying the Indian Parliament: What can the Question Hour tell us about Muslim Representation in India?

– Rachel Brule (New York University, Abu Dhabi)
Women’s Representation and Resistance: Positive & Perverse Consequences 
of Indian Laws for Gender Equality

– Christophe Jaffrelot(Sciences Po) and Kalaiyarasan A. (Madras Institute of Development Studies)
Dominant castes, from bullock capitalists to OBCs? The impact of class differentiation in rural India

– Jennifer Bussell (University of California, Berkeley)
Clients & Constituents: Political Responsiveness in Patronage Democracies

Panel 2: Political Economy

Discussant: Anirvan Choudhary

– Rikhil Bhavnani (University of Wisconsin Madison) and Mark Copelovich (University of Wisconsin Madison)
The Political Impact of Monetary Shocks: Evidence from India’s 2016 Demonetization

– Nikhar Gaikwad (Columbia University)
Identity Politics and Economic Policy

– Anjali Bohlken (Georgia Institute of Technology), Nikhar Gaikwad (Columbia University), and Gareth Nellis (University of California, Berkeley)
Getting on the Grid: The Politics of Public Service Formalization in Urban India

Lunchtime Discussion on fieldwork in India

– Christophe Jaffrelot (Sciences Po)

– Basim U Nissa (Ashoka University)

– Gilles Verniers (Ashoka University)

Panel 3: Clientelism and Intermediation

Discussant: Priyamvada Trivedi and Gilles Verniers

– Adam Auerbach (American University) and Tariq Thachil (Vanderbilt University)
Cultivating Clients: Reputation, Responsiveness, and Ethnic Indifference in India’s Slums

– Gabrielle Kruks-Wisner (University of Virginia) and Adam Auerbach (American University)
Uneven Expectations: The Geography of Citizenship Practice in Rural and Urban India

– Simon Chauchard (Columbia University) and Neelanjan Sircar (Ashoka University)
Courting Votes Without Party Agents: Political Competition and Partisan

1 Names in bold are presenters for co-authored papers.