Select Publications by CPD Faculty Affiliates

Leonardo Arriola
Ethnic Politics and Women’s Empowerment in Africa: Ministerial Appointments to Executive Cabinets, American Journal of Political Science 58(2): 495-510, 2014 (with Martha C. Johnson).

Capital and Opposition in Africa: Coalition Building in Multiethnic Societies, World Politics 65(2): 233-272, 2013.

Protesting and Policing in a Multiethnic Authoritarian State: Evidence from Ethiopia, Comparative Politics 45(2): 147-168, 2013.

Patronage and Political Stability in Africa, Comparative Political Studies 42(10): 1339-1362, 2009.

Pradeep Chhibber
Party Organization and Party Proliferation in India, Party Politics (with Francesca Jensensius and Pavithra Suryanarayan), (Forthcoming).

Democratic Balance: Bureaucracy, Political Parties, and Political Representation, in Jack Nagel and Rogers M. Smith ed. Representation: Elections and Beyond, University of Pennsylvania Press (with Susan Ostermann), (Forthcoming).

Religious Practice and Democracy in India, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2014.

Dynastic Parties: Organization, Finance and Impact, Party Politics, 19(2): 277-295, 2013.

Why the Poor Vote in India: If I Don’t Vote, I am Dead to the State, Studies in Comparative International Development, 389-410, December 2012 (with Amit Ahuja).

Ernesto Dal Bó
Term Length and The Effort of PoliticiansReview of Economic Studies 78(4), October 2011 (with Martín Rossi).

Bribing VotersAmerican Journal of Political Science 51(4), October 2007.

Bribes, Punishment, and Judicial ImmunityTransparency International’s Global Corruption Report, 2007 (with Pedro Dal Bó and Rafael Di Tella).

Frederico Finan
Strengthening State Capabilities: The Role of Financial Incentives in the Call to Public Service , Quarterly Journal of Economics, February 2013 (with Ernesto Dal Bo and Martin A. Rossi).

Corrupting Learning: Evidence from Missing Federal Education Funds in Brazil , Journal of Public Economics, May 2012 (with Claudio Ferraz and Diana B. Moreira).

Local Electoral Accountability and Decentralized Program Performance , Review of Economics and Statistics, December 2010 (with Alain de Janvry and Elisabeth Sadoulet).

Vote-buying and ReciprocityEconometrica, 80(2): 863-882, 2012 (with Laura Schechter).

Electoral Accountability and Corruption in Local Governments: Evidence from Audit Reports , American Economic Review, 101: 1274-1311, 2011 (with Claudio Ferraz).

Aila Matanock
Governance Delegation Agreements: Shared Sovereignty as a Substitute for Limited Statehood, Governance (Forthcoming).

Simultaneous Electoral and Armed Campaigns: Why Are They Adopted and Allowed?, August 2013.

Bullets for Ballots: Examining the Effect of Electoral Participation on Conflict Recurrence, May 2013.

International Insurance: Explaining Why Militant Groups Participate in Elections, September 2012.

Edward Miguel
Reshaping Institutions: Evidence on Aid Impacts Using a Preanalysis Plan, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 127(4): 1755-1812, 2012 (with Katherine Casey and Rachel Glennerster).

Political Competition and Ethnic Identification in Africa, American Journal of Political Science, 54(2): 494-510, 2010 (with Benn Eifert and Daniel N. Posner).

Alison Post
Foreign and Domestic Investment in Argentina: The Politics of Privatized Infrastructure, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2014.

Policy Traps: Consumer Subsidies in Post-Crisis ArgentinaStudies in Comparative International Development, 2014 (with Tomas Bril-Mascarenhas).

Can Developing Countries both Decentralize and Depoliticize Urban Water Services?  Assessing the Legacy of the 1990s Reform Wave, World Development, 46: 621-641, 2014 (with Veronica Herrera).

Home Court Advantage: Investor Type and Contractual Resilience in the Argentine Water SectorPolitics & Society, 42(1): 107-132, 2014.